Meditation is Sublime

Sunday, Apr. 24th 2011

Kirtan Meditation

My life has forever changed since I was fortunate enough to be invited to an introductory meditation class taught by Madhavendra and Ron of Meditation Toronto in 2007. I was searching, as most people are, for peace of mind and happiness. I tried to find happiness through drugs, alcohol, and the opposite sex. My highs were always followed by lows.

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Just Say No to GMO

Monday, Oct. 18th 2010

I found this video a few days ago and thought it was great. Genetically modified foods are becoming a huge part of our grocery experience and very few people even know. Many people think that they have never eaten GMO’s when almost everyone has – and on a daily basis.

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Meditation Retreat

Friday, Jul. 9th 2010

Retreat Meditate Dock.jpg

At one of the Sunday night gatherings last year I had someone ask me. . . “Are you going up to the meditation retreat over the Christmas holidays?”

Its funny because I had heard of the meditation retreat the past few gatherings and had contemplated going. I for the longest time had been dying to get out of the city and be more surrounded by nature. And couldn’t help but think this was a GREAT opportunity that had been proposed.

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Friday, May. 28th 2010

Spring Flowers

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The Gift of Meditation

Monday, May. 24th 2010

Mantra meditation started to become a part of my life about two years ago here in Toronto…I began going to gatherings at a place in Kensington Market every Friday night on and off for a period of time. I would bask in the magical presence of sound vibration that was created by all of the people that attended. The atmosphere was very calming and relaxing and the people that surrounded me were all so humble and kind. . .

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