Friday, May. 28th 2010 10:53 AM

Spring Flowers

As I gaze out the window of my room at the rooftops of all the surrounding houses in my neighborhood here in Toronto I think of the city in which I am amidst. The city, minus the people, is something in my mind which can be reduced to a small list. There are Buildings, even bigger buildings, cars and inevitably pollution. (Yes, in Toronto we can add bicycles to that list as well). But in between those houses I see something more exciting; trees! I see big, green beautiful trees. Here in the east the saying is April showers bring May flowers. It is so true. Now that May is here and April is over everything is alive with color. Lilacs are blooming, the trees are lush and bright and the grass is so green it seems the whole scene to be from a Shakespearian writing.

Nature is so amazing. When I am surrounded by it I feel relaxed and I get struck with great awe and wonder. My shoulders drop, my breathing returns to normal and I get a sense of a deeper connection. With all the opening of the flowers and the budding of spring comes help for me to remember that I too am like a flower. It is amazing because, like the flower that opens in the spring season from the sun and water and many other elements that we observe and some we cannot witness, I too am the same. My meditation on the Supreme source waters my heart so it will grow flowers of love. It shines rays of light so it will be strong. And it fosters other things to grow in the ground around me so that I can have friends to share it with. What a wonderful thing is spring!


Photo beautifully taken by ..dca.. (flickr)

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3 Comments on “Springtime”

Holly Mander

Wow, very cool. So nice that the beauty of nature has finally blossomed again.


Eulah Dinardo

I wonder if that’s one of the reason that people don’t post comments? That even though you might like what someone writes, you’re not sure how to reply?

Sydney Donmoyer

I would love to write and say what a great job you did on this, as you have put a lot of work into it.

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