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Friday, Jul. 9th 2010 1:27 PM

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At one of the Sunday night gatherings last year I had someone ask me. . . “Are you going up to the meditation retreat over the Christmas holidays?”

Its funny because I had heard of the meditation retreat the past few gatherings and had contemplated going. I for the longest time had been dying to get out of the city and be more surrounded by nature. And couldn’t help but think this was a GREAT opportunity that had been proposed.

Finding out it was just North of the city and that the mantra meditation and a lot of the people who joined me each Sunday night would be there. . . I couldn’t help but give myself a few days to go up and enjoy it.

And I have to say I couldn’t have made a better choice.

When I arrived at the retreat. . .I saw a welcoming piece of land with a big pond, a beautiful house and a beautiful hall, where the kitchen was and a loft to do the group mantra meditation in. Although it was snowing and cold outside. . . I could see that this was a warm and wonderful place to come and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

One thing that I found beautiful as well was how all of the women shared a space in the house and the men stayed up in the loft when it was time to sleep. . . we all had our own private space and time to bond.

Each day that I was there was filled with the perfect combination of wonderful vegetarian foods that were always different and unbelievably tasty. There was always amazing company…. just the right amount of free time. . . and most importantly a fulfilling amount of time to embrace the mantra meditation. Quiet my mind, forget about my hectic life and all the things I had to do in the city.

I was only able to stay for three days. . . but upon finding out there is another retreat there in the SUMMER for two weeks,.where the pond will be full of water, the sun will be shining, I can sleep in my tent, chanting will be outside in the fresh air with my feet in the grass. .. I couldn’t have anything more to look forward to for my summer plans. I am VERY excited to go back and am so grateful for the opportunity to go there again.

- Jaydum

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10 Comments on “Meditation Retreat”

Miguel Rosales

Can the place be reached by TTC?


No, it’s just beyond where the GO Transit travels. It’s just north of Bolton off Highway 50. I’ll send you an email :)


Are these Meditation Retreat an annual thing? (please say yes)And if yes, could you please kindly send me information in my email like how to participate, how much it costs, and where. Thank you. =)

Geneva Egitto

Hello, I like the layout of your blog. I just wanted to ask you which theme you’re running on this blog? I run a relatively new blog using the “iBlog” theme and want to use a new theme to install on my page. Any tips that you have would be great. Thank you in advance!


Hello Angela,

There are really nice Yoga Meditation Retreats that happens monthly. I’ll send you an email now.



This is a custom blog layout. You can find tons of free and paid themes if you search with google or yahoo etc.



Hello, I live in Richmond Hill and I am interested to start learning about meditation. can someone please direct me where the meetings are at, timing etc. thank you very much.


Hello Karim. Here is our map with locations.

The closest class to you at the moment is likely at Victoria Park and Van Horne here:


I dont drive but interesting in joining.


Hello Vidya,

Unfortunately we do not offer rides but would be very happy to have you.


Would also love info on meditation retreat
Thanks so much


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