Meditation is Sublime

Sunday, Apr. 24th 2011

Kirtan Meditation

My life has forever changed since I was fortunate enough to be invited to an introductory meditation class taught by Madhavendra and Ron of Meditation Toronto in 2007. I was searching, as most people are, for peace of mind and happiness. I tried to find happiness through drugs, alcohol, and the opposite sex. My highs were always followed by lows.

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Just Say No to GMO

Monday, Oct. 18th 2010

I found this video a few days ago and thought it was great. Genetically modified foods are becoming a huge part of our grocery experience and very few people even know. Many people think that they have never eaten GMO’s when almost everyone has – and on a daily basis.

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Meditation Retreat

Friday, Jul. 9th 2010

Retreat Meditate Dock.jpg

At one of the Sunday night gatherings last year I had someone ask me. . . “Are you going up to the meditation retreat over the Christmas holidays?”

Its funny because I had heard of the meditation retreat the past few gatherings and had contemplated going. I for the longest time had been dying to get out of the city and be more surrounded by nature. And couldn’t help but think this was a GREAT opportunity that had been proposed.

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Friday, May. 28th 2010

Spring Flowers

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